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With the year coming to an end and days still getting shorter, many of us yearn for the sunny days of summer. And reminiscing over these summer months, a couple of Opticom's very interesting contributions to the politicians' week in Almedalen on Gotland come to mind. Read the articles below to find out how Opticom's studies can, not only help you to improve your results by understanding your stakeholders or markets better, but also to contribute to public debate and let these ideas serve as inspiration for a wonderful year full of opportunities ahead.

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Confederation of Swedish Enterprise: Market-oriented economic reforms pay off

For a number of years, Opticom has conducted studies about the Swedish business environment, first on behalf of Invest in Sweden Agency and later on behalf of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. These studies where business leaders from internationally oriented and research-intensive companies have given their view on this topic, have now been used in the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise' report “Marknadsinriktade reformer lönar sig” (Market-oriented economic reforms pay off).

In this report Ulf Jakobsson goes through a number of international studies showing that, when compared to other countries, Sweden has had a more positive development of the business climate in recent decades thanks to extensive reforms. The success shows that it pays off to implement market-oriented economic reforms.

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LIF: European differences in the use of innovative drugs

During a seminar in Almedalen on July 5th, 2013, Opticom presented a report on why the use of innovative drugs differs between comparable countries in Europe. The report was prepared on behalf of LIF, the trade association for the research-based pharmaceutical industry in Sweden.

To provide LIF with a deeper understanding of why the use of innovative drugs differs among comparable countries, Opticom conducted in-depth interviews with 200 Key Opinion Leaders and representatives for government authorities and other national organisations, in four core therapeutic areas in six European countries: Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom and France.

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